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The cuisine of Santorini, just like for any locale, consists of the local products. Its wines for many years now have been awarded the title VQPRD and this year its fava was given the status PDO, has been cultivated on the island for thousands of years and is a favorite delicacy at the island's festivals. Our local tomato is "explosive" and rich in taste. At our restaurant we use it sun-dried in order to add flavor to sauces and salads. The white eggplant broiled becomes sweet and light, while in combination with the Greek cheeses, basil and tomato sauce, becomes one of the tastiest and flavorful dishes you will ever try. The humble zucchini, boiled, fried or as zucchini balls with dill and feta cheese will thrill you. Mint, a favorite herb, adds flavor to tomato balls, perhaps the island's tastiest dish, worthy of being called gourmet. The sweets are simple yet imaginative. The Santorini pudding has the fragrance of cinnamon, while the famous sweets of the island, the "meletinia", made of skim milk cheese and scented with mastic and vanilla, are a must for every household during Easter.
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